Borescoping a safe with a failed lock.

Most safes can be opened without drilling.

When one does, we have safe drilling equipment and borescopes to open them per Manufacturers direction. We can often bill the manufacturer when these fail if still in warranty.

We Service Bank and Home Safes and Vaults.

Mechanical dial type or Electronic Digital keypad

We are certified safe specialists through the Manufacturer for safe opening and when Serial numbers are lost. We have the latest Tools and Computers to safely open your locks. We recondition them also, often billing the manufacturer when still under warranty.

Various Safes open easily. But we are ready for the hard ones also.

From Lock Amplifier listening devices to Auto dialers to Drill Jig sets and borescopes, we have the tools to open your safe regardless of lost combination or failed locks.

S & G digital electronic lock

 When you take the keypad off, it shows the type of cable that corresponds to various locks types.

Corresponding lock cabling.

Lock Identification cables.

 Do not remove.

The New Technology we have, can open the safe with the Master Code, and often reset it. In case someone has it.


Whether you have lost your combination to a Dial type of safe or a electronic lock, "Safe Lockout",  We have computers that open them without damage.

It is better to be SAFE than sorry.

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Drilling a safe

1" Armor plate safe Lockout

Both the electronic lock AND the handle failed

When the Electronic lock failed they forced the handle breaking the welds on the door interior latching  components. 

When Drilling is the ONLY required answer

Having to use my "A" game tools to open this safe.

One inch Armor Plate with 2 3/4 inch hard plate on the door.

creating an opening for entry tooling into the safe body.

Resetting the Electronics to ensure the electronic lock has failed.

We can override most electronic locks resetting lost combinations on electronic locks.

Multiple failures internally made this safe more than a 30 minute tool resistant safe.

And the 2 3/4 inch Armor and Hard Plate did not help matters.

No Tech support on this safe as it was too old.

One of my Safe Books actually had a close enough image of the internal workings of this safe which was invaluable as it is a very unique design.

The actual safe opened

Double failure on the same safe. Notice the extra layer of hard plate on the door with more behind the lock body and a 1 inch Armor plate on the door. 2 3/4 inch total.

20 years opening Safes.

We work for many Safe manufacturers fixing, opening, repairing a variety of safe brands.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Schedule through your local bank for us to open them when locked out.

We open, service, and replace Safety Deposit Box locks.

We cut Safe Deposit box keys mobile.

Lost a key and need a duplicate ? 

We provide mobile service key duplication on scene.

Before Safe Reconditioning

After Safe Reconditioning