My History

Dependents cruise from Hawaii to San Diego

 In 1983 I joined the United States Navy as a Gas Turbine System Technician Mechanic, (GSM) I served for 10 years, 6 at sea onboard 2 Spruance Class Destroyers and 4 years as a Navy Recruiter achieving the rank of E-6 in 5 1/2 years and being Honorably Discharged with a Navy Achievement medal among others and 10 years good conduct. My Dad (pictured) was asked by the ships Captain if he wanted to "tack on my crow" at the rank advancement ceremony in which he gladly did being a retired Master Sergeant in the Army.  

10 Years of security for our Nation.

2 West Pac Deployments and 1 Rim Pac Deployment




1998 Novus Manager named.

Rick Layton (left). owner of Novus/Upward Mobile Glass, Okanogan, has appointed Ronald R. Race (right) manager of the locksmith and glass business, Race's experience includes a stint with Cablecraft Corporation of Tacoma, He served 10 years in the Navy as a gas turbine mechanic and aviation cable assembler. At the same time he served as a youth pastor. His wife, Cheryl G. Race, has been active in youth and women's ministry and writes poetry.

2002 RRRaceway Automotive Locksmith begins