Residential & House Locks

Home Security is what we do

Keeping You and Yours safe starts way before the Key you use. No need to put a lock in if it does not have a good level of security. With today's internet and people figuring how to break into houses. Let us show you how to trip them up before they break in.

Security that lets you sleep at night.

Anyone can give you a cheap quote, don't be fooled by a 2 dollar level of security, Let us choose the grade and security level of hardware needs for your home specifically.

If you are already thinking of your home security.

Chances are, you are in need of a Security Walk Through by us. 

If you know what I know about Hardware security and want to protect yourself and your valuables. We won't oversell you on something you don't need, that's just another form of thievery. 

Security, Service, Integrity is the Value RRRaceway Locksmith has been providing that just goes along with the job.

Deadbolts when installed properly

When installed properly, deadbolts provide the greatest level of security. Getting them keyed alike with the rest of your house so one key fits all strengthens your security also. 

Are you in need of a higher level of security?

Adding bump proof pins to each lock prevents bumping and picking, Make them hard for me is your goal.

You usually don't need HIGH SECURITY hardware.

A good grade of hardware beefed up will provide your family all the security they need without having to be oversold expensive hardware.