Three Mobile service Locksmith SHOPS

 24/7 Mobile service available with 27 years cumulative Locksmith experience 

AAA Emergency Service Provider since 1998

We Duplicate and Originate Factory cut keys on scene.

Most people are thankful when we tell them we can get them on the road TODAY. no need to order anything for you. We carry a huge inventory for roadside emergencies.

The largest selection of keys, and we are mobile doing it.

With all keys on Computer inventory, finding your key is quick and easy.


If it's not your key that has failed then usually it's your ignition that needs replaced, We carry a huge inventory of 60's through current ignitions and keying kits to key up your ignition back to your original key. Don't let someone put in a new ignition with a different key, usually that is more money than keeping it original, one key fits all.

Working on Classic vehicles ?

We have service manuals going back into the 1920's

Briggs and Stratton, Now Strattec, is still making and servicing locks for vehicles. We carry a large selection of new parts, especially those known to fail.

Keyless Remotes

We carry some keys with remotes built in and remotes for your vehicle and program them when you lose your keys.


Feel like your grounded without your wheels because you lost your keys, 

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