It Takes about 6 months to build ONE van.

We had to go to North Carolina to get this 4 wheel drive van to start with.

We are a 24 hour locksmith in multiple counties on poorly maintained roads.

Then we remove and replace the smash and dash windows and doors for security reasons.

Keeping our tooling and your information out of the wrong hands is paramount.

 We have ignitions system disable alarm systems on every van.

We use reflective vinyl lettering to be seen better during evening service calls.

Customer Service and protections is built from the ground up.

Have to start with Oak wood flooring first.

Test fitting cabinets prior to permanent instal.

Cabinets get bolted through the floor for safety.

Work bench gets fitted prior to permanent install.

Work Bench and Cabinets are in, now for keys.

Key machines are connected to power sources.

Key Machines are connected to power sources.

All keys are put into the Computer for quick reference.

All drawers have tools and inventory identical for each van in the fleet so location is quick.